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"Where Dreams Do Come True"


Hi, my name is Debbie, and this is my husband Stephen, with his help and

support, I am very lucky and privilidged to be the proud owner of a small, in home, 

cattery, located in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland.


"Where we share our lives with our Beautiful Ragdolls".


My DREAM of owning Ragdoll Cats started many years ago, in 1995, when I saw

them on television. I fell in love with them straight away, they had immediately stolen

my heart, completely.  

I started buying some Ragdoll books to learn as much as I could about this

amazing breed.

Then after a lot of phone calls and and a long time waiting, My Dream, finally

came true and I got my first Ragdoll Baby in 1997. She was my everything!!!

My excitement though was soon to turn to pain and devistation, as she passed

away before she was 12 months of age. 

After months of going back and forth to the vets and a vet bill of $4,000.

Buyers Beware!!!!

Please be careful and try not to be in a hurry, be prepared to wait for your "New Addition".

It may save you a lot of heartache!!!


There are a lot of "Backyard Breeders"out there. Where Cats & Kittens are usually kept

in cages, outside, receiving very little, if any, human contact or socialization. 



Well my DREAM never went away, and I spent many years, following my

heartache and loss, researching the history and the lines of the Ragdolls, to

ensure that when I was, to once again, purchase one of these precious Ragdoll

babies, to Show and Breed with, that I would, with confidence, know firstly,

that my RAGDOLLS are healthy, with no known genetic health problems,

and I will have them in my life for a very very long time, until old age and

God decides that it is their time to go.

"I could not go through what I went through 10 years ago, 

when I lost my first Ragdoll baby again".

Also, and very importantly, to know that I am breeding and providing YOU,

the adoptive parents with perfectly healthy babies, with no known genetic health


I now, after many years of waiting, get to spend countless hours of pleasure and

enjoyment with the loves of my life, my Beautiful Ragdolls, tending to their

everyday needs, making sure that they receive the very BEST of CARE, and plenty


We take great pride in making sure that, our prides and joy, our Ragdolls, are 

provided with only the best in living conditions and nutrition.

 Our Ragdoll babies live with us, in our home, not in cages!   

*They are a very important part of our family and our lives*

Our lives would not be the same without them!!!

Our Purrecious Babies are all born and raised in our home, in their very own

nursery, with heating pads, bunny rugs etc.,

Once they have opened their eyes and are around 3 weeks of age, they then

come out into the lounge room to be with us, and the rest of our Ragdoll family,

until it is time for them to go to their new homes.

At 5-6 weeks of age they have the run of the house, this is when the real fun starts. :) 

Our babies enjoy the daily routine of our home, right from the start, -: you know

the vaccuming, washing the floors (of which they love chasing the mop ) :), watching

Mummy empty and clean their litter trays  (and of course hopping in while I am

trying to clean them ), we feel that this is very important for the babies, as it prepares

them for their new homes, and their new families, helping them to be well socialised,

happy, confident babies, with that TRUE Ragdoll temperament.

Being a STAY AT HOME MUM (to my Raggies of course), gives me plenty of time

to spend playing with them, and also to just sit back and watch the funny little antics

they get up to on a daily basis.


We are dedicated to selectively breeding kittens of QUALITY,


With good size and boning, captivating blue eyes and beautiful soft, silky coats

and of course the relaxed, charming layback personality,

the RAGDOLL is renown for!!!


We are a Closed Cattery, meaning we do not take any outside girls to our boys,

protecting them against any outside diseases, as the continued good health and

happiness of all our Ragdoll Cats and Kittens is the most important thing to us.


GUYSNDOLLS encourages all new adoptive families to come and visit our

home and meet with US, and also meet our gorgeous Ragdoll family.


Please just give us a call first to arrange a suitable time!!!


We are registered breeders with the Queensland Feline Association

and abide strictly by their code of ethics and rules.

We are also members of TICA, RFWC, RFCI and also with an amazing club TRCS



Ragdolls will CAPTIVATE your HEART!!! 

They are truly a "DREAM COME TRUE".


Please feel free to contact us at anytime, as we are always happy to help.

Best Wishes


Debbie - Phone: (07) 5495 5260

                 Mobile: 0419 955250

or email: