you will find pics and updates on this beautiful boy here on his very own page


This is Mr. Showman at 7 weeks, yes he is a very relaxed happy baby !

I love this pic, he was 10 weeks here and full of personality, as you can see in this pic !!!

Anne Mari sent me this pic from the airport, to let me see that he had arrived safely

Thank you Anne Mari, you both look so happy !!!

I love this pic of him stretched out on his Mummy's beautiful scarfe :-)

nothing but the best for this little man ..... LOL


Here is our precious little man only a few weeks after arriving in Norway

just look how relaxed and happy he is, thank you Anne Mari xo

Here are some more pics sent to me on the15/12/2011

He is looking so wonderful and so very happy !

I received some more pics and updates on our precious little man, he has grown so much and is looking wonderful :-)

This is the email and the pics that his Mummy sent to me on the 30/1/2012

Hi Debbie

How are you?
Things are going great here. Showman is growing so much - I swear I
sometimes can see that he has gained weight over night. Hehe. :P
They are almost equal in size now, so I sometimes mistake them for each
other - despite the color difference.

I've attached some photos so you can see how he's doing. I tried to send you a video of him chasing skiers on the TV, but I think the file was too large cause I got it in return. Kinda cute. He's
really into sports, especially skiers and football players. LOL!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Best regards,
Anne Mari

This is a pic, below, of him with Anne Mari's female Ragdoll, she is a year and a half and Anne Mari is telling me

in her email, that he is nearly as big as her at only 5 months of age ...... Go Mr. Showman !!!