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SIRIUS at 4 weeks

I have received this email, below, from my good friend Hiroko today with very exciting news and pics of SIRIUS

Dear Debbie,
SIRIUS took part in two shows , CFA's and TICA's , on 23 and 24 June.
In spite of his participation as OPEN, he won the FINAL( 8th Long Hair Cat)in CFA.
Usually, the cat taking part in the CFA show for the first time can't win the FINAL. So SIRIUS was great!
The next day , he took part in the TICA show . These show were held in Tokyo , so he took part in the both of them,
because it was so far to get there from my residence .
The TICA show was held by Ragdolls' cat club , so 25 ragdolls were, of course the other sorts of cats took part in the show. In the show , a 8kgs ragdoll was, and he won many FINALS. But SIRIUS won 2 FINALs. One was 3rd Long Hair
Cat and the other was 4th All Breed cat. I had the famous photographer " Tetsu Yamazaki" take pictures of SIRIUS.
The Green rosette is CFA's, and the Purple one is TICA's ( there is just one seal on the rosette because I had had
SIRIUS taken pictures before he won the All Breed Final). I'll send you other pictures later.
I'm sorry not to email you soon because I was too tired to email soon.
Sincerely yours,
SIRIUS is still only a baby, but we are so very proud of him, his achievements and the way he is growing and developing
what a gorgeous boy XOX CONGRATULATIONS !!!
I have received this email, below, from my good friend Hiroko today 9/11/2012
Dear Debbie,
SIRIUS obtained the highest title in TICA "SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION" !!!
The cat given this title have to take high score and moreover win the first prize in all the cats .
I've been to the show three times with him since I gave a report of the show last.
In the two shows, he obtained enough points for the title SGC.
And in the third show, he won 2 "Best Cat"in all the cats.
I was very excited because though it was very difficult for Mitted Ragdoll Cats to reach the finals, he reached
some finals and 2 "Best Cat"in all the cats.
A judge said," This cat (SIRIUS) looks middle size but he is very very heavy and has a sturdy build. This is the
very ragdoll."
Another judge said, " I've never seen such beautiful eyes , not only colour but also brilliancy."
Also another judge said , " He has a lovery face like a girl . Eyes are placed with wide open. It's good"
I'm relieved now . I've ever been unwell at a show and been carried a hospital by ambulance.
I was afraid if I could hung on till SIRIUS won the highest title.
I could . And SIRIUS became a cat who had the title "SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION ".
Sincerely yours,
We are so very proud of our boy, he is still only very young, not even two years of age yet and to
achieve such amazing results like this is just so amazing !
We also would like to thank Hiroko for showing him and presenting him so beautifully at the shows xxx
This boy is doing so well, he is achieving so much at such a young age, I received
this email this morning, 0/07/2013
Dear Debbie,
I have good news to let you know.
SIRIUS won the prize "2012-2013 BEST BLUE MITTED RAGDOLL in ASIA" !!!
He went showing with me. They were long ways to the any show halls, but SIRIUS always kept up with me.
He always encouraged me. I thank SIRIUS and his mother Debbie. Thank you Debbie. 
SIRIUS is now in Masako's house ,and surrounded many girls. I heard he always ran after girls with pleasure.
Though he is happy, I miss him.
Sincerely yours,
we cannot begin to express how very proud we are
Thank you so very much xoxoxox
Then the very next day we also received this email from Hiroko :-)
Dear Debbie,
How great he is!!!
If he were here , I would hug him.
"Debbie Le-Strange" is indicated at the place of the breeder.
Thank you for letting us keep such a gorgeous ragdoll, Debbie.
I nearly weep for joy.
 Sincerely yours,
We could not be more proud, how exciting this is for one of our babies to achieve such success overseas
Congratulations beautiful boy xoxox