History, Description, Colours & Patterns of the Ragdoll Cat




The story of the Ragdoll began with a lady named ANN BAKER, who lived in California.

Ann Baker was a breeder of Persians, her neighbour Mrs Pennels owned a cat called

Blackie (Persian type) who Ann Baker used to mate with her Black Persians.

The mother of Blackie, also owned by Mrs Pennels, was a cat called Josephine

(a blue-eyed white Angora type) with a not very acceptable disposition.

In 1963 Josephine was hit by a car and according to Ann Baker was taken to the University,

instead of the Vets, to be treated, this still remains a mystery, as to why.

(Ann Baker claims that Josephine had been subjected to genetic engineering, altering

her genetic make-up and that of her kittens. She stated that this could not be proven as it

was part of a government programme, subject to secrecy).

It was because of this, that a lot of Ragdoll owners distanced themselves from her and her


Josephine returned home to Mrs Pennels and in her future litters it was recognised by

Ann Baker, that the kittens born after the accident had special qualities, they  were 

extremely friendly, and became very floppy when picked up, hence the name


It was from these litters that Ann Baker obtained a female kitten named Buckwheat

(Solid Black), Ann's neighbour also kept one of Josephine's kittens, a pointed male

with white mittens, she called him Daddy Warbucks.

Ann Baker also obtained a daughter from Daddy Warbucks and Josephine -

Fugianna (the first Bi-Colour Ragdoll).

It was from these Cats that Ann Baker established the Ragdoll breed.


PASCAL at 13 weeks

100% Pure Traditional Ragdoll Lines


Ragdoll owners will tell you that they are completely captivated by their Ragdolls'

sweet, loving, layback temperament.

That they will absolutely steal you heart away, and completely infatuate you.

They are perfect companions for the elderley as well as singles and families, they

get along, introduced correctly, with almost anyone and anything.

They are very well suited to small apartments, townhouses, etc as they are totally

INDOOR cats and are perfectly happy to lie around enjoying the luxury and safety

of your and their own home.

They are very much a people cat, wanting to be with you wherever you go, watching 

everything you do. (a bit like a puppy dog).

I say to people, If you do not want a cat that absolutely adores you, follows you

everywhere, is under your feet all the time, sleeps on your bed, lies on your paper

work on the computer desk while you are trying to work, to get your attention, waits

outside the shower door for you to finish, wants to know everything that is going on,


Your Ragdoll will even want to take you to the bathroom!!!  Mine do. LOL

Ragdolls are strictly INDOOR cats that love and depend upon their owners for their

safety, as they do not have a defensive nature, and are unable to protect themselves

against the outside world and all of its dangers. 

In return for you supplying them with a warm, caring and safe home, they will give 

YOU, their owners, an endless supply of love and affection.


Your life will be filled with a special warmth because of their presence



"DOLLY" a Seal Mitted with a Blaze Female at 6 months of age



The Ragdoll is one of the largest of all domestic cat breeds, with an Aura of Beauty

and Calmness.

As adults they range from 6 - 8 kg for the males, sometimes heavier, and 4 - 6 kg for

the females, not reaching full maturity until they are 3 or 4 years of age.

They have a broad, medium sized head, large stunning blue eyes and a medium length

non-matting soft silky coat, which requires very little grooming, but they love nothing

more than lying on your lap and being stroked with the brush, this is very good for

 their coats and also is a very good bonding time for both YOU and YOUR RAGDOLL.


Just look at his Captivating Deep Blue Eyes!!!



The Ragdoll comes in four colours and three patterns. Ragdolls are pointed cats,

meaning they have colour on their Ears, Faces, Legs and Tails, with a much lighter,

colour on their body.


TRADITIONAL COLOURS  are Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac


COLOURPOINT - meaning the Face, Ears, Feet and Tail are Seal, Blue, Lilac or

Chocolate etc. and the body is a lighter colour.

(Colour being on all points of the Ragdoll)

"SAPPHIRE ROSE"  Blue Pointed

100% Pure Traditional Ragdoll Lines


MITTED- has the colour on the Face, Ears, Legs and Tail, but on the front feet they

have little white mitts.  (as seen in this pic below)

Seal Mitted


BI-COLOUR - also has colour on the Face, Ears, and Tail, but they have a white

inverted "V" on the Face and a cute little pink nose.

NOTE: Cute Little Pink Nose in Picture!!!!


Seal Bi-Colour