This page is dedicated to the loves of my life that have now left this world and me

to hopefully go to a better place!



DOLLY  27/11/2005 - 5/3/2010

I finally sit down to right this now, as I have not been able to face this

being real, until now!

My heart still aches every minute of everyday for my precious girl, and

I still cry, even now while typing this, knowing that she is not here with me

anymore, nor will she be ever again.

I miss her so much

Yes Dolly will always be in my heart forever, but not having her around

to be able to talk to, to pat and cuddle her and just to know that she is there

is just almost too much to bare!

DOLLY came to us as a baby, as one of my very first breeding queens

I could always depend on my Dolly, to give me some of the most beautiful babies

one could ever wish to have, they were not only gorgeous to look at, but they also had

their Mother's wonderful and most loving temperament.

Dolly was a perfect Mummy and just adored being a Mummy. :-)

I thought that my precious girl had done so much for me over the years producing me these

beautiful babies,

that it was now her turn to just lie on the bed and spend the rest of her life being spoilt,

so I decided to have Dolly desexed, so as that is just what she could do.

Unfortunately she did not handle the operation well at all, and only hours after her surgery

she began to go into shock and then died.

I still blame myself to this day for what has happened to my beautiful Dolly!

I think about her everyday, and speak to her every morning, but it isnt the same as having her here

with me.

The day my Dolly died a part of me died with her.

I LOVE YOU DOLLY and always will.

We will miss you, you will always be in our hearts.


Dolly at 4 months



CHERISE 8/3/2006 - 22/10/2006


CHERISE is and always will have a very special place in my heart.

She was an absolute Little Angel, she came to us, this very tiny little thing,

needing a lot of care and attention,

as she was about 2-3 weeks behind her litter brothers and sisters in size!!!

I doted every minute of everyday making sure that she received all the nutrition, love,

attention and care that she needed and deserved.

I think that because CHERISE was so BEAUTIFUL, SO PERFECT -

she was just that


sent from GOD, to me, to take care of,

and now because of reasons unknown to us,

she has gone to heaven.

 Maybe, to be with a "SPECIAL CHILD" up there.

I still cry many tears and miss her with all my heart, but I know that

one day we will be together again.


"Forever in our HEARTS"


This is a picture of CHERISE when she first arrived to our home.

Oh so tiny, as you can see.


The pictures below were taken when CHERISE was

6 months of age