Our Gorgeous Babies


Due to the overall increase in costs, such as, food, vet costs, etc etc - 

there has been an increase in the price of our kittens !!!

I apologise for any inconvenience, please see new prices below.


Please scroll down the page and read the conditions for the

Adoption of one of our

"Gorgeous Ragdoll Babies"

and also for Prices of our Ragdoll Babies!!!


All GUYSNDOLLS Ragdoll babies are born and raised in our home,

starting off in their very own nursery,

with plenty of warm snuggly baby blankets, heating pad,

toys, toys and more toys, and their very own playgym!!!

Along with plenty of Love and Attention, 24/7!!! 

When our babies are old enough and running around,

they then come out of their nursery, 

taking over the rest of the house and everyone in it.  LOL 

My time is devoted to them every minute of everyday,

making sure that they receive

nothing but the best, in care, nutrition and socialisation.

Ensuring YOU their new adoptive parents, a well

socialised, happy and very contented & confident baby.


Our Ragdoll babies are only available to LOVING, CARING

and definately FOREVER homes.


All kittens leave GUYSNDOLLS on the understanding that they are


They are raised INDOORS and are perfectly happy

with living INDOORS where they are totally Safe and Secure!!!


Kittens are available from 12 to 14 weeks of age, (NO SOONER), depending on

each individual kittens development and progress. To approved homes ONLY!!!


All kittens are registered with the Queensland Feline Association, and leave with

their papers, desexed, microchipped, health/vet checked twice, 2 vaccinations,

up-to-date worming, flea free, kitty litter trained, 6 weeks health insurance

and of course beautifully groomed.

You also receive a kitten pack, which includes a folder containing everything you

will need to know about caring for your Ragdoll baby, their vaccination certificate,

their registered pedigree, microchip papers, etc.,

You also receive heaps of Goodies to get you started. :) 

Their very own Blanket

Some toys

Sample of Dry Food (if baby is being picked up)

Sample of Kitter Litter (if baby is being picked up)

6 weeks Pet Insurance

You will receive your Pedigree, if not at the time you pick up your baby, then in

the post as soon as the registration details have been processed and I receive

their papers back from the QFA.

Our babies are all raised on a Premium diet of cooked chicken, raw beef, lamb or veal mince (all meats that you and I can eat, no pet meats).

PET MEATS contain Preservatives, which can be harmful to your Ragdoll baby.

We also give ROYAL CANIN MOUSSE to our babies, usually mixed through their meat, as it is full of all the nutrients that they need, along with all their vitamins, calcium etc..........................

Good quality Dry Food is down for them to snack on at anytime they are feeling peckish. We give our babies ROYAL CANIN BABY CAT and when they get a little older we also give them ROYAL CANIN SENSIBLE, ROYAL CANIN EXIGENT and ROYAL CANIN EXIGENT SAVOUR SENSATION (they love this), as well as PLENTY of FRESH WATER (Filtered), must be available at all times.

Our babies are all toilet trained using Kitter Litter and the special Sieve Litter Trays. This is not only very safe for your babies, but is also very economical and very clean, with NO smells, if kept clean. (Please read all about this on my page about Litter, Trays etc).

You can purchase the Kitter Litter and Trays from us, when you pick up your baby or prior to picking up your baby. Please let me know how many Trays and bags of Litter you would like in advance.

If you would like to use another brand of litter, then the only other safe one is BREEDERS CHOICE, which you can purchase at the supermarket.

Please do NOT use any of the clumping, crystal or clay litters, as they can be very dangerous to your baby, causing blockages, which then could be fatal.

Also please do NOT forget to bring a carry cage with you when you come to pick up your baby, for his/her safe travel home. You will need a fairly large one as remember your baby is going to grow up into a BIG baby.

You can purchase your Carry Cage from us also, we have the airline approved PP20's, which are safe and sturdy and will last your baby a lifetime.


 Pic below is of Myself and our beautiful boy Pascal winning BEST IN SHOW

this is the Judge that placed him BIS and she was from South Africa





Pet Male/Female - in SEAL and BLUE - $1,200 AUD

Show Quality Babies - POA

Show/Breeding Quality Babies in SEAL and BLUE -  POA

Pet Male/Female - In Chocolate and Lilac - $1,200 AUD 

Show/Breeding Quality Babies - In Chocolate, Lilac and Chocolate Carriers  - POA


All babies must be microchipped before they leave now, due to new State Government Laws


*Breeder enquiries welcome*

Show/Breeding Quality kittens may sometimes be available

to Approved Registered Breeders ONLY!!!

and upon availability of kittens that strictly meet the standard.





$500 (for a pet or show neuter kitten)


 $500 (show/breeding)


is required to confirm

your order, and secure the DREAM Ragdoll Kitten,

of your choice, from the next available litter. 

!!!Final payment due on or before pickup of your baby!!!


All Show Neuter babies must be paid in FULL prior to them

being desexed!


PLEASE NOTE: That ALL Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE...............NO EXCEPTIONS!!!


Interstate or Overseas transport can be arranged at new owners expense




GUYSNDOLLS RAGDOLLS kittens at 3 weeks of age

Our Committment and Support to our Ragdoll Babies

and their new adoptive parents

continues throughout their lives.

We are always there for any questions you may have or

help you might need!!!

Our Ragdolls are NEVER to be Sold, Given Away, leased or co-owned,

Placed in a Pet Shop or Pet Home or any Animal Facility

of any kind.

If for any reason you are unable to continue to care for

your Ragdoll, you MUST contact us IMMEDIATELY

for help in re-homing your Ragdoll Cat/Kitten.

 Lilac baby boy at 7 weeks old


Please feel free to contact me anytime,

as your enquiries are always welcome!!!

Warm regards,


Phone: 07 5495 5260

Mobile: 0419 955250