Here are some pictures of Ragdoll babies from our previous Litters



This is such a beautiful picture, that I had to share, of our gorgeous boy


sitting at his Mummy's Piano


This is our gorgeous boy BAYLEY, now 3 years old

you will see pics of Bayley further down this page,

he is a real Stunner, he is a Blue Lynx Bi Colour

Loved and treasured by his wonderful

Mummy - Janine

(Thankyou Janine for all the updates and pics of Bayley)


Here is a pic, sent to me by her Mummy Heather, of our beautiful Lynx baby girl RUBY


Just look at this, two of my precious babies having their picture

taken with Santa, for their very first Christmas

Thankyou so much Lisa for sharing this pic with me


We would also like to share this gorgeous pic of Valara's Chocolate Point Boy

DANTE at only 7 months

Thankyou Blake for this pic of Dante


Here are some gorgeous pics of our beautiful boy PASHA

he is now 2 years old and just gorgeous

Pasha is a seal lynx point


Thankyou Michael and family for sharing these pics of Pasha with us!!!


Here are some pics sent to me from Jenny of her two babies

PUDDING and HOLLY (Holly is nearly turning 1 year old)




Here is a gorgeous pic of FINN a fews days after ariving at his new home

I love this pic (below) that Miley's Mummy sent to me the other day of him and his little sister Billie


Here are some gorgeous pics (below) of Sapphire Rose and Pascal's two beautiful boys


Their parents, Derek and Mel, adore them and they have a wonderful home

   Looking so amazing and showing themselves off on their Mummy and Daddy's bed ! Posing beautifully !!!

Them all cuddled up together, how gorgeous is this !!!

and this pic is of Apollo on his own, but it was so gorgeous I had to put it on here :-)))

Just look at his stunning eyes !!!

Here is the beautiful BELLA ROSE (below) and a gorgeous email from her loving parents

Hi Debbie,

We're (Bella, sitting on the lap top keyboard and I) are writing to tell you how she is settling in. Joel and I were expecting Bella to cry for most of the car trip home but were surprised when she whined for about five mins and then became quite content when I slipped my hand into her carry case to pat her. She slept and purred for the rest of the car trip home! When she got to our place it took her no time at all to come out of her carry case and explore her new surroundings. she has the most adorable waddle! She has already found a few favourite places including the hat stand which serves as a kitten sized jungle-gym. Bella spent most of the afternoon sleeping on my lap enjoying all the attention. She has so many toys sometimes she can't decide which one to play with which us funny to watch her decide. She's loving her chicken! (I hoped it was as good as yours) Her first night she slept in her new bed, we have a very high bed ourselves and were afraid she might fall during the night, but we're certain as soon as she's big enough to jump onto it she will be joining us there whenever she wants! We can't get over how beautiful she is and her gorgeous pretty face! My parents came over the other night to meet her, and they fell in love with her instantly! We can't imagine llife without her now, she seems to have adjusted so well!

We've attached some photo's for you aswell.

Thankyou so much fer Bella Rose, she is exquisite!

Bryony, Joel and Bella

Here is an email and updated pic (below) sent to me on Bella Rose's 1st Birthday 26/10/2011

Hi Debbie,

We just wanted to let you know how Bella Rose is going and send you a picture of her today as 1 year old!

She is such a delight! We can't imagine life without her now! We spoil her far too much, but she just knows how to use those bug blue eyes of hers in just the right way!

Shes incredibly affectionate but extremely playful too. She keeps us entertained most of the time with the funny things she does. I think sometimes that we should have named her "Harley" because that's exactly what her purr sounds like in the morning!

Thank you so much for our beautiful Little Miss. She's loved by everyone even people who had never been fond of cats before!

Bryony and Joel Burrows

This is a pic (below) of one of Dream's baby boy 'BUTTONS'


This is the gorgeous OSCAR, sitting on the window ledge at his new home, thank you so much

for the pic Kelly and family


This is MANCHEE, has just turned one !

Thank you Mandy, Rob and Nick for this gorgeous pic of our boy :-)

A pic of two of our babies that have only been in their new home for a few weeks

This is Hamish and Delilah


This is our little man BOOTS in his new home in Hong Kong



                                    Princess                                                      Bella

                           Seal Point Lynx                                           Seal Point Lynx



                                                  Misty-Rose, Noah and Darcey                                                          Aslaan

                                              Seal Point Lynx, Seal Point, Seal Point                                             Seal Point Lynx                    


                Darcey                                                                 Noah                                                                       Katisha

           Seal Point                                                             Seal Point                                               Seal Mitted                                                                                 


                    Darcey                                                                  Darcey                                                                     Misty-Rose

             Seal Point                                                                  Seal Point                                                          Seal Lynx Point                   



Noah at 3 1/2 months

Seal Point



                                   Ariella                                                                       Annie                                       

                                Seal Point Lynx                                                     Blue Lynx Point                                                                                                                



Seal Point Lynx



                                        Sassy                                                                                       Shakira

                                 Seal Mitted                                                                           Seal Lynx Mitted      



                                                   Spartan                                                                           Valentine

                                    Blue Mitted                                                                           Blue Point



Sassy at 7 months - isnt she just gorgeous!

Seal Mitted


Dolly's and Mr. Sinatra's babies (below)

           Debbie-Rose lives with Gaye Lister of                                              Dream lives here with us at

           Ragaffairo Ragdolls in New Zealand                                             GUYSNDOLLS RAGDOLLS

                       Seal Point                                                                                                  Seal Mitted                                                                                             

          This is our gorgeous KIA, she lives with                                         This is the beautiful SAKURA, she is one of 5 of my Ragdolls

           Pat Lee at Locklee Ragdolls                                                   that live with the  lovely Winen family 

                           Seal Mitted                                                                                 Seal Bi Colour                             


                                                                 This is Safi, who is adored and very happy with her

                                                                                          Mum Kelly

                                                                                          Seal Point


Here is a picture of Safi, sent to me by her Mum,

she is now 1 year old

Here is another picture sent to me on the 12/2/2010

Safi is now 2 years old and Louie is coming up for the big 1


Here are SATINE'S babies, this is her first litter    

This is the beautiful little GRACIE

Seal Lynx Point


              This is the gorgeous BAYLEY                                                      Here is our beautiful PRINCESS

                         Blue Bi Colour                                                                               Seal Bi Colour


                   Here is the Stunning TRITON                                               This gorgeous boy is OSCAR

                             Blue Point                                                                                          Seal Point


Here is a pic of Churchill, a Seal Bi Colour from Satine's second litter


Here is ARIELLA's first litter of babies


                                                                     This Stunning baby girl is ANISE, she lives with

                                                                               GAIL of  RAGLACE RAGDOLLS

                                                                                            Seal Lynx Bi Colour

carrying Chocolate


Here is a pic of our gorgeous ANISE at 9 months, WOW isnt she a STUNNER!

Anise is the daughter of Ariella and Mr-Sinatra


             This stunning little baby doll is VALA

                  she is a Seal Point


       This Stunning boy is Narim at only 7 weeks                                      Here is the gorgeous Master Braytak

                                Seal Bi Colour                                                                             Seal Lynx Point



Here are my gorgeous Sapphire Rose's babies (below)


These two babies are Donatello and Saphira-Rose

they live with a wonderful family that adore them to bits and pieces

The Allot family!!!

                                      Donatello                                                                                                    Saphira-Rose

                                     Seal Point                                                                                                         Seal Point


                                                      This is Elvis and his brother Memphis, they live with John and Sandra

                                        Elvis                                                                                              Memphis

                                Seal Point                                                                                  Seal Bi Colour


This is RAJA, his new Mummy sent me this pic, just look how happy and contented he is. :o)

Seal Point

Here they are (below) at only 2 weeks of age


ANGEL and her babies, she has 1 Seal Point and 4 chocolates and 1 lilac 

Chocolate Bi Colour Lynx Female -

she is just gorgeous and just look at those captivating eyes

This little girl is going to 

Elena and Donato




as a future breeding Queen

She arrived in Italy on the 1st April, 2009 after a very long trip.

Her new parents Elena and Donato are extremely happy with her,

here are the two emails that I received from them, one the night that they picked her up

and the other the next morning. :o)

Hi Debbie.
She's wonderful. She's really very sweet and she purrs a lot. She never
stops purring!  :-)
She seems happy to stay with us and she started to drink and eat something.
I will keep her with me for some days, so that she will feel stronger. Now
she's in our bedroom and by now she's the queen and we are her slaves!!!!!
I shouted a lot with the airline company. I told them that if I saw her
suffering, I would have denounced them all! I was very very angry because I
worried a lot for her.
Well... after my anger, suddenly, all the staff made everything quickly.
That's strange, isn't it?????  :-P
We will send you her pictures and you will see them on our website,
following her growth.
Can we put the link of your website on our links pages? You are an excellent
breeder and it would be a pleasure for us to mention your cattery.

Hi Debbie!
Crux slept all night long on my pillow!!! She was very happy and kept on
purring without stopping.
She's so LOVELY!!!!!
This morning she still was on my pillow and when I woke up she starting
purring!  :-)
She ate and drank, and now she's quiet near me and near my pc.
She's really fine and she is not suffering so don't worry, it all is ok!

I will put your banner on our website at the CONTACTS page. Thank you very
I attach our banner and this is our link:

We will write you to tell how is going!  :-)

                                     Chocolate Bi Colour Lynx Female 2 (Molly)                                              Chocolate Bi Colour Female


                  Here is a pic of Molly at 4 months old, isnt she just gorgeous :-)



                     Lilac Lynx Pointed Male - Oliver                                                              Chocolate Mitted Male - Paddy

              This very handsome and cheeky baby boy                                                  This gorgeous boy has gone to live with

                 lives with his Mum Madeline Daniell                                                                  Michelle Booth at

                 in W.A. as a Show/Breeder                                                RAGS R US RAGDOLLS in S.A.



                          his very first show at only

                         14 weeks (see show page)

Seal Pointed Female

This little girl is happy in her new home

with the Callahan family

Ariella's second litter of babies

Valara at 5 weeks

Seal Point - Carrying chocolate


                               Fleur at 5 weeks                                                                                                  

                                Seal Bi Colour

                Very much loved and adored by her Mummy

                           Alison Tucker                                                                                                               Fleur at 18 weeks


Here is a pic of Fleur now, she is only 11 months, isnt she a DOLL!


Seal Lynx Point

Doted on by his new family

Michael, Shirley and Alyce Callaghan


Princess's first litter

  This gorgeous Lilac Bi Colour baby boy is now living in JAPAN

with his new Mummy and my very dear friend HIROKO

as a show/breeding boy

You can see more pics of this gorgeous boy on his very own page on my Interstate and Overseas page 


                       This beautiful little doll is staying with us here at

                                 GUYSNDOLLS RAGDOLLS

                                     She is a Chocolate Bi Colour



               This is ROCHER, she is now living with Gail, at RAGLACE RAGDOLLS                       

 Rocher is a Seal Bi Colour carrying Chocolate

Look at her now, Oh what a beauty she is at only 8 months

Here are some pics (below) of our beautiful girl LAKINZI, she is now 7 months

she also lives with GAIL from RAGLACE RAGDOLLS

LaKinzi is a Seal Point, carrying chocolate



                    This beautiful Blue Point baby boy is very happy

                     and much loved with his new mummy Heidi


          Here is the BIJOU, she is full of personality and fun                                         This is Bijou and her sister Fleur

         Bijou lives with her sister FLEUR and her Mummy Alison                               cuddled up together at 18 weeks                 


This little baby girl is COCO CHANEL

She lives happily with her Mum Debbie and sister Rebekah


          This gorgeous boy (below) is GASTON, he has gone to live with

Michelle and David Booth at "Rags R Us" Ragdolls

 at 4 weeks and 12 weeks of age

Blue Point



Here are some updated picture of Gaston at 15 months of age that Michelle kindly sent to me

WOW hasnt he grown up! He is going to become a Daddy, so he is a MAN now. LOL


           This is the gorgeous Ruby (above) and (below) with her sister! Two Seal Lynx Point baby girls

and this is Ruby as a big girl, isnt she just gorgeous and truly loved by her new Mummy and Daddy. :- )





                                   This is Lumiere, (below) a beautiful little Chocolate Lynx Point baby Boy at 4 weeks old 

                                                                                       He lives with his mummy

Dineke at Jarrah Ragdolls                                 



                                                        Lumiere at 6 weeks


                             This is Lumiere at 9 weeks of age, and looking just stunning                                  


Spartan and Valentine (below) at 7 months - WOW look they are BIG boys now!!!


Spartan at 7 months, isnt he a gorgeous boy

Mr Darcey and Mr Bingley (below) at 12 months old - they are just gorgeous boys


                                       Darcey                                                                                Bingley

                                   Seal Point                                                                         Seal Lynx Mitted



Noah and Bella (below) at 12 months

Seal Lynx Point and a Seal Point

Here are some more pics of Noah and Bella at 19 months old, WOW how time flies! 


Aren't they just gorgeous and so happy with their Mummy Michelle.


Here is a pic of Donatello, (below) he is only 13 weeks old, with his brother Jackson

He is already looking very happy and settled in his new home!


Here is Donatello and Saphira-Rose, his sister, you can see how happy they both are in there new home in this picture!

This is the gorgeous Saphira-Rose with her brother Mitchell (below)

Just look at how happy and contented these two babies are with their new family!


Here are some recent pics of Donatello and Saphira-Rose, they are now 7 months old

They are just like their Mummy and Daddy, Sapphire Rose and Mr-Sinatra, very very glamorous!!!

Here are some pics of Donatello's and Saphira Rose's baby brother


This is LEONARDO with his big brother Donatello

                       Isnt this one of him in the Pram just gorgeous :-)


Here he is helping his Daddy on the computer, isnt he a beautiful baby :-)

                    Now this one is just so cute, snuggled up with his brother


Just look at our gorgeous baby boy now at 4 and a half months

loving life with his brother and sister



Here is a picture (below) of Narim, a Seal Bi Colour baby boy from Ariella's first litter.

He is now 7 months old and isnt he a stunning boy!!!


Here is our stunning baby girl "BLOSSOM" (below) who is now 15 months old,

isnt she just gorgeous. :o)

who lives with

Judith of Starlett Ragdolls

This is Blossom with her first litter of beautiful babies.


This Stunning boy (below) is "TRITON", what a smoocher he is!

Triton is now 12 months of age and his mummy sent me these pics.



Triton at 19 months of age, he is a stunning boy!!!

This is Triton at now 2 years of age


Here are some pics of Satine's and Sakima's Blue Lynx Bi Colour boy, BAYLEY.

WOW hasnt he grown up!

He is now 1 year old, what a STUNNER he is!!!


                              Just look at his amazing and glorious tail!


Just look at Bayley's truly STUNNING and VIVID EYES (below)


Here are some pics of the gorgeous Baci with her lovely little Mummy Taylah


Here are some pics of Baci now she is a much bigger girl. :-)

Isnt she gorgeous!


Here are some gorgeous pics (below) of Ariella's baby boy, PASHA, a Seal Lynx Point

from her second litter

He is 15 weeks in these pics and happily settled in his new home with his wonderful

Parents Michael, Shirley and Alyce Callaghan

As you can see he is totally relaxed and happy!


Here is PASHA helping his Mummy with her computer work!

Here are a couple of pics of  PASHA helping to wrap the Christmas presents 2009


Here is a pic of PASHA looking very very glamorous

at only 15 weeks of age

Just look at his beautiful tail!


Here are some pics of Dolly's Seal Lynx Point baby girl, Bailey, at 15 weeks,

with her baby brother Raijk (below)

This is Dolly and Sakima's baby




This is the gorgeous little "INDAH" (below) she is still only a baby,

her new mummy sent me this picture of her to me and they were

headed "Ragdoll Supermodel"


Here she is now at 1 year old, hasnt she grown into a beautiful young lady. :-)


Here is a gorgeous pic of INDAH and her new brother, LUMIERE, who I must say is nearly bigger than her already

at only 6 months old!

Here is a gorgeous pic of LUMIERE, in black and white, I just love this pic!

Lumiere is Sapphire Rose's and Sakima's baby boy


Here are some pics of ORLANDO and his brother NELSON

Nelson is the son of Pascal and Cheri and Orlando is the son of Pascal and Dream

Now we have a pic of them seperately, arent they just stunning boys!


Here is a gorgeous pic of two brothers, Maxamillion and Caudius, at only 6 months of age.

These two boys are Sapphire Rose and Sakima's babies

Here is a picture of Maximillion, Christmas 2009

Just look at this stunning boy, this is Claudius Christmas 2009


This is the gorgeous BOLLO at 12 weeks and in his new home with his new Mummy

As you can see he has already made his new house his HOME :-)

BOLLO is one of Dream's and Pascal's babies from her second litter


Here is another one of Dream's baby boys

PUDDING at 5 months