Here you will be able to follow Tuxedo's growth

with updates that I receive

from his new Mummy in Finland


Here are a few pics of him growing up here with us prior to him leaving

for his new home in Finland



Here he is when he was just a baby, with his brother and sisters :-)

6 how quickly they grow

He is just gorgeous here at 8 weeks

Tuxedo has the most beautiful blue eyes that just capture your heart


Here is a pic sent to me on 30/8/2010 from his new Mummy in Findland

of him now at 9 months, what a gorgeous and very big boy he is!!!

Here is a pic sent to me of our beautiful Chocolate Bi Colour boy, on the 20/7/2011, and he is now a proud

Daddy, still only quite young, but a very big boy. This was taken in the Summer

in Finland, so he has his Summer coat on :-)))